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amateurselfporn's Journal

Amateur Self Porn & Stories
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This community was created for whoever wants to share erotic pictures and
stories of any nature. If you look at the community interest list, you will
notice that we accept and encourage many different interests and fetishes
and we would love to see them fetishes in play, or hear about them from you.

All applications for memership and community posts will be approved by me
while this community gets on its feet, after that, just applications will
need to be approved

1) You have to be 18 year old or older to join this rule and your birthdate must
be fully visible on your userinfo. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2) Only pictures and stories are allowed. No video segments from youtube etc.

3) Pictures must be of yourself or a concenting partner that is also 18 years
old or older.

4) Pictures must show something, teasing pictures, eg: still cothed, are not
accepted. See-through clothing is acceptable.

5) You do NOT have to show your face if you do not want to

6) Stories posted must be of erotic nature, and can be fictional or true

7) All long posts or posts with pictures must be lj-cut. Please cut after a
preview picture, or the first paragraph. If you do not know how to do an lj-cut
then consult the LiveJournal FAQ

8) Lj-cut's must be of the following format
WS or NWS (WorkSafe or Not Work Safe) - Male or Female or Couple - Rating
NWS - Male - Extreme
WS - Female - Light
...although, i dont expect to see any worksafe pictures in here ;)

9) Personal adverts can only be posted if accompanying erotic literature or
pictures, likewise for community adverts

10) Please be tolerant of other peoples views or interests and do not descriminate
if someone posts something that you do not like, then simply ignore it.

We will not tolerate abuse or spam

Moderator and Owner: nastyguy
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